Our work together will begin with a phone consultation for about 30 minutes to chat about your needs so that I can create a personal course for you. We will then spend a full day together in my beautiful well–equiped kitchen, or this can be split into two short days, during which we will cook together and cover everything that will help get you going straight away in the kitchen.

More specifically we shall work on the following:

  • personal goals
  • background and food enjoyed historically
  • family needs
  • any food intolerances, allergies etc 
  • create personal/family cookbook
  • recipes for batch cooking
  • techniques that can be applied to future cooking
  • knife skills & sharpening
  • confidence to try new recipes
  • good kitchen equipment
  • entertaining

You will immediately feel the rewards at the end of our time together and will find a new lease of life in the kitchen. I find my clients reflect that they have:

  • Confidence to cook alone
  • Joy to be cooking new recipes
  • Joy to be receiving compliments from your cooking
  • Food to take home
  • A cookery folder full of useful, fast easy recipes
  • Happy, well fed family
  • Fridge/Freezer organisation
  • Understanding of how to eat well, using nutrient dense ingredients
  • Understand basics of how to avoid excess sugar & gluten
  • Understand pitfalls of an inappropriate diet
  • Lower food bills

There is a final, optional, part of the puzzle, where I would come to your kitchen and sympathetically help you re-organise it to your best advantage, helping you take control of larder/freezer space and advise about equipment. I often find gems hidden in cupboards and can show you how to use them effectively for speed and fun.  This can also be used as a great ‘Spring Clean’, going into the nooks and crannies and create a really good healthy fresh start.

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Course Venue
Vineries House, Lower Road, Effingham, Leatherhead, Surrey KT24 5JP
Note: We are next door to The Vineries Garden Centre

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