On the 4th Sunday of the month, at St Lawrence Church Effingham, I join up with the T.G.I.S. team and form part of this wonderful new service. I love it!  The TGIS team have made this the most wonderful warming local church event and I adore providing the breakfast. It is fantastic seeing the toddlers getting more confident in coming back for seconds and enjoying more and more of my goodies.  Most importantly, I am passing on my message of 'great good food', low gluten, dense nutrition and general foodie happiness.

I get to bring the breakfast and so I get to choose what you eat :)  We have the most wonderful sausages and bacon donated from a local family, so it goes without saying that you can have a 'Full English' of bacon, eggs, sausages and tomato.  Lots of delicious loaves, including sourdough; home-made gluten-free granola (Rev. Mandy's favourite!), fresh fruit smoothies, a selection of cakes and oaty bars (all gluten-free), with plenty of fresh fruit to nibble on and fresh coffee with hot milk!

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