Free Recipes

Hello and welcome to my free recipe page, I'm thrilled that you are here.

In essence, my recipes are about simplicity, nutrient density and deliciousness. If you cook with these recipes you will feel fabulous because they are designed to do just that, using restorative ingredients that are filling and nutritious, so you won't crave the bad stuff.

I hope you love these as much as I do. They are just a little taster from my enormous collection from over 30 years as a chef.

The recipes are some of my very tried and tested favourites and I love them. They have kept me on the 'straight and narrow' for a very long time, whether it be the divine and hugely decadent Devil's food cake (for every celebratory occasion - but not every day I hasten to add!), the restorative classic bone broths, the breakfast granolas and of course, gluten-free breads.

There are some wonderful main courses, which my clients adored in the days of my fabulous 'Delicious Diva' events, along with my favourite cocktails.

I shall be updating them soon to reflect my life with paleo-keto, but for now, enjoy them as they are and think of me when you are in your kitchen, I'll no doubt be cooking too.

About Be Kassapian

I was born to cook and it was a given that I would train to become a professional chef, first at Leiths School of Food & Wine and then, 2 years with Albert Roux in his London restaurants including Le Gavroche.

Working as a female chef during this era was tricky. I made a lifestyle decision to leave the male-dominated, unsociable, underground world of the professional restaurant chef to allow travel, marriage and family - it worked!

(Gordon Ramsay stayed at Le Gavroche and managed it all brilliantly!)

Leith's invited me back to teach in my mid 20's which progressed to a love of demonstrating, and during my 30's I tucked my 3 young children into bed and spent a few years having fun working in direct sales for The Pampered Chef.

When the kids stopped going to bed at 7pm, it was time to get back to my roots! I spent 2 years gaining my DTLLS (PGCE) at Brooklands College, Weybridge.

I was delighted to be qualified to teach, but the restrictive nature of a school environment and a beautiful new kitchen, with Aga, lead to me starting 'Be in the Kitchen Cookery School' in 2014.


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