Specialist Cookery School & Naturopathic Nutrition

I love to teach adults (young and old) to cook and I specialise in paleo-keto cooking for health and longevity. Hello and welcome to my website!

It would be amazing to work with you and we can do this in 3 ways: Through my online cooking school, with DofE, one:one and in my Paleo Keto Party Group. My students and clients learn how to live well and using professional chef skills, how to cook amazing recipes that are simple, fun, empowering and rewarding.

I'm a specialist teacher because I have an extraordinary background and I focus on teaching with nutrient-dense ingredients for great health. In 2022 I qualified as a nutrition therapist so I can be sure to offer the best tuition.

The journey has got to be fun and that's why my Facebook group 'Paleo Keto Party, cook well BE well' is gaining momentum with live demo's every week.

Join me also in my Be in the Kitchen DofE Online Cookery Skills Course Group to see what students are getting up to.

Online Cookery Courses:

I've been running cookery courses for 4 years now. The recipes work and the students (and parents) really enjoy them!

These courses were originally set up for DofE students, but they are fantastic for so many others including younger children with adult supervision, home-schooling students and parents and adults who would like some excellent value professional cookery lessons from the convenience of their own homes.

I'm really proud of my experience which has given me the tools to support you all.

Online Cookery Courses

Holiday Cooking: for kids

Home Schooling: for parents and children

Off to Uni or Leaving Home: for young adults

Parents: learn to cook fresh food for your family

Want to Feel Healthier? : Learn how to avoid highly processed food

Fast Fresh Food: Learn how cooking at home can be faster than a takeaway.

Before you read on you need to know this...

If you buy these online cookery courses, you will have the recipes and videos for LIFE.

It's as simple as that, no deadlines, no timetable to fit into, turn it on/off/repeat/rewind, do what you like. I shall be there ready to teach you with a smile professional cookery skills that you can keep for life.

The other thing that I know works really well for my online courses is to use the biggest screen available to watch on.

I like putting a monitor up in the kitchen, or linking up a TV screen - the bigger the better! It's not that you can't watch on a phone or ipad, but I want you to feel like you're in a live class and bigger is definitely better!


Watch this quick video to find out the latest about Be in the Kitchen.

How To Work With Me

Holiday Cooking For Kids

How about letting me teach your kids to cook in my entertaining style, so that they have fun and you have a family meal prepared without entering the kitchen?

Would you prefer your kids to learn how to cook delicious real food that contributes to family meals instead of sugary treats?

Not sure? Try this….

Home Schooling: for parents and children

Would you or your child benefit from one:one learning at home, with the time to work through recipes and learn new skills methodically and in a safe, calm environment?  

My Online SEND course is perfect to teach delicious, favourite recipes, all been tested by students at the Wemm’s Education Centre in Surrey , a school for young adults with acute anxiety and autism. They loved my lessons and the recipes!

Off to Uni or Leaving Home: for young adults

Send your young adults into the world with kitchen competence, learned by using my fun, professional and nutrition-focussed online cookery courses. Top tips for student survival, recipes and videos for life – what is not to love!

Parents: learn to cook fresh food for your family

Can I help you learn professional cooking skills so that you are equipped to cook your favourite quick, nutritious and delicious recipes?

  Amazingly powerful option one : Invite me to your kitchen for a bespoke BITK day


Fantastic budget option 2 : choose one of my highly recommended online courses

Want to Feel Healthier? Learn how to avoid highly processed food

As a nutrition therapist, and someone who has worked through many body malfunctions, I know how amazing it is to feel great again!

Will you let me help you? Join my Paleo Keto Party Group.

Fast Fresh Food: Learn how cooking at home can be faster than a takeaway.

Not sure? Test drive me with my “I can cook” video

You can also find me at Leith's School of Food & Wine

Bespoke Cookery Workshops

Specialising in skills, ingredients and recipes to keep you in great health.


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