The course is structured over an academic term, with alternate weeks cooking in my kitchen and then at home. Usually 3 workshops with me will take place before half term and 3 after, fortnightly.

Students arrive in the kitchen to a warm atmosphere with fun music.  On the first workshop I will introduce them to the kitchen, talk through safety, kitchen hygiene and how to dress as a chef. Next on the agenda is a practical session about knives: how to tell if a knife is sharp and then how to sharpen it and then we get straight on with cooking and tasting.

Each week, I will demonstrate a technique and recipe which the students will then repeat in class.  Tasting is essential along the way, however, not with fingers!  I will demonstrate a second recipe, using a similar technique, that the students will then prepare at home.  All the demonstrations are filmed so that the students can watch them at home if they need a reminder or if they have to miss a week unavoidably.  You will be given access to a private page on my website when the course starts for this. Over 3 months the students will cook a minimum of twelve recipes, alternately in my kitchen and then a second at home.  They will have a recipe file and all the recipes have a self-assessment sheet on the back that needs to be filled out.  Recipes cooked at home need to be photographed and recorded in the file.  

Each week I will check the student files and discuss the results, helping with any problems and giving tips where needed.  Students will need to bring plastic boxes to take their food home with them.

On the last evening, files will be signed off and certificates will be awarded. I will then be able to submit the assessors report to the DofE website using each student’s registration number. 

If your journey is not local, I am very happy for parents to stay, just not in the kitchen. You'll be able to enjoy the banter from the shop sofa!

Recipes cooked with Be:

Week 1: Tomato sauce

Week 3: Poached eggs on toast

Week 5: Cornish pasties with puff pastry

Week 7: Beef burgers & coleslaw

Week 9: Pot-noodles

Week 11: Focaccia 

Recipes cooked at home:

Week 2: Smokey bacon, veg & lentil soup

Week 4: French omelette

Week 6: Sausage rolls

Week 8: Mayonnaise

Week 10: Frozen yoghurt

Week 12: Guacamole


  • High teacher:student ratio
  • 3 or 6 month courses 
  • Adaptable for all award levels
  • Local, nr Leatherhead, Surrey
  • Complete course, signed off
  • Skills & recipes for life

  • 5.30pm – 7.00pm
  • Tuesday evenings
  • Small groups of 8
  • Relevant recipes
  • Food hygiene & kitchen safety
  • Video support

Please note: When booking this course you will only be charged a £30 deposit via PayPal. The balance, payable by bank transfer, will be due once the booking is confirmed - payment details will be provided.

DofE - Starting Off
Tuesday 17:30 – 19:00
balance payable one month before course commencement. Details supplied with booking confirmation
Deposit Payable Now:
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01372 803821
Course Venue
Vineries House, Lower Road, Effingham, Leatherhead, Surrey KT24 5JP
Note: We are next door to The Vineries Garden Centre

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