The workshops are designed to be fun, informative and paced according to your group.  We have everything you need here with plenty of coffee for your arrival and while I teach you about washing up, you won't have to do much!  The cookery workshop will get underway promptly and everything will be demonstrated for you.  We shall keep your mugs topped up along the way and when all the cooking is done, the table will be set for your grand feast.

Butcher Boys

Serious meat, with butchery and carving skills.  This course covers fillet and sirloin steak, rack of lamb and pork belly with delicious accompaniments including Dauphinoise potatoes. You will enjoy steak with creamy mushroom sauce and salad for lunch accompanied by plenty of red wine, taking home a goodie bag of all your remaining dishes.

Thai Tastes 

This course will cover a selection of classic Thai recipes including Green Curry, Pad Thai & Thai Fish Cakes with Dipping Sauce.  On this strictly men only course, a certain camaraderie quickly establishes and you will finish sitting down to a fabulous Thai  banquet made by yourselves, with any extras to take home.

Fish Feast

Learn how to fillet and skin a flat fish (plaice or sole), gut and fillet a round fish (mackerel or trout), prepare fresh scallops (and mussels in winter).  Enjoy lunch & watching Be demonstrate a series of simple recipes using the prepared fish, tasting everything along the way and taking home your prepared fish.  (Note: fish subject to change due to weather conditions & ‘catch of the day’).  We can adapt to fish to suit client needs if requested.

Mexican Mayhem

Join us for the latest addition to our men only workshops.  A hugely fun day full of classic dishes, ending with a delicious Mexican Feast for lunch including tostadas, quesadillas and Margaritas!  For those who enjoy a bit of decadence, home-made Churros with hot chocolate sauce are the pinnacle of the day!

BBQ Business

Boys bonding, beer adn bbq's - this is a special day learning butchery, breadmaking and bbq skills for a fantastic feast that will impress everyone.  Recipes include Smash, Roll & Wrap Chicken, fillet of lamb with basil, goat's cheese adn sun-dried tomatoes, BBQ bread and home-made herby garlic butter, griddled pineapple and banana ice-cream. The feast is celebrated witha keg of local ale!


  • No women
  • No fuss
  • No nagging
  • No stress
  • Great new skills

  • 10.00am - 2.30pm
  • Coffee & cake on arrival
  • Plenty of help along the way
  • Lunch with appropriate drinks
  • Goodie bag to take home. 
  • Book taxi!


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Bespoke Workshops for Boys
10.00am - 2.30pm
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