The Vitality Group is my passion and stems from my personal journey to looking and feeling great. It was kick-started from a very low point when I realised my local NHS GP's had no idea how to help me. I didn't have cancer, my leg hadn't fallen off and my blood tests were were within their 'normal' ranges. I had been quietly asking for help intermittently for many years.  I felt low, shattered, dreadful and was on the verge of clinical depression.  As a chef, I have always loved to cook from scratch, so I knew there was more to it. 

So I got on with finding out what I could do myself.  I opened my eyes and ears to alternatives and followed a naturopathic path.  I didn't have pots of money to throw at myself, so I have cautiously listened to people I trust and followed the path.  I have got better, stronger, fitter, more resilient and above all totally passionate about helping as many people as I can, in a cost-effective way, how to take steps to looking after yourselves.  

With all my knowlege, the time is right to complete a professional course in Naturopathic Nutrition with the Colledge of Natural Medicine and be able to validate everything I know.

There are lots of options for this group.  Come and try it for £9.99 for starters.  If you enjoy it consider a 3 month membership for £60. If you love it, then join up to Vitalive, £17/month, and be a full member for 6 months with online membership and additional video support which is really useful if you have to miss a meeting or need a reminder how to cook a recipe.  Once you are a member, you will receive a Vitality folder and the support will begin. I am here to do everything I can to inspire you to make positive changes to feeling great.

Heading must be entered

  • Welcome Pack – (Food diary/Personal Log/Recipe Folder)
  • Hot Healthy Drink
  • Fast, fresh and nutrient dense seasonal recipe – demonstrated & tasted
  • New smoothie/juice recipe – demonstrated and tasted
  • One:one with Be at start to review progress (slots to be booked)
  • Introduce paleo/gluten/dairy/sugar free diet & benefits
Heading must be entered

Recommendations additional lifestyle improvement    (exercise/mindfulness/relaxation)

Personal recipe support for specific needs

Organic essential vitality foods & essentials to buy in shop

On-going up to date relevant recipes and ideas

Friendly, fun group of supportive people with common goal

Commitment from Be to do what it takes to inspire and motivate you for success

Maximum 20 people in the friendly group.

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Vitality Group
Course Options:
Tuesday evenings 7.30pm - 9.30pm
further information
email be
or call
01372 803821
Course Venue
Vineries House, Lower Road, Effingham, Leatherhead, Surrey KT24 5JP
Note: We are next door to The Vineries Garden Centre

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