In preparation for the party, before you arrive, the excitement will begin when you are asked to choose what flavour you (the honorary guest) would like the Victoria sandwich cake to be for the base layer along with your 3 favourite colours.

On arrival, we will give guests aprons, name badges and a welcome introduction to the kitchen. The honorary guest will be given a clipboard with the ‘cake check list’ on it, which will be used throughout the party to make sure all the elements are completed in time for the finale photoshoot.  Don’t worry, Be keeps an overview to make sure you achieve it all :)

All action follows with guests moving around the kitchen working on different elements of cake preparation including cutting the cake, making butter icing, filling and layering the cake, making toffee krispy, preparation of cake tins, filling sphere mould, melting chocolate, learning to pipe or use a spray gun.  The party is adapted according to the ages of the guests and the flow of the event. At half-time we stop for a fresh fruit smoothie and toffee krispy nibbles. Finally, we set about assembling the cake and putting on the finishing touches in time for the finale photoshoot which usually includes a lot of excited clapping!

We will ask you have a think in advance about whether you would like to continue the party and take the cake home with you or if you would prefer to light the sparkler, sing Happy Birthday, and all guests to take a piece away with them.

Benefits of a Party in Be's Kitchen:

  • No mess at home!
  • Choose your favourite flavour and colours
  • Suits all ages & no experience needed
  • Lots of fun equipment to play with
  • The most exciting cake party in Surrey
To Summarise:

  • 2 hour party
  • Totally unique event
  • Up to 10 children and/or adults
  • Fruit smoothie & toffee krispy snack mid-party
  • 3 tier cake with sparkler to take home

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So much fun

Amazing creations and huge fun whilst learning and baking

Crazy Cake Party
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