You will arrive to a great welcome in Be’s kitchen at 10.00am after meandering through the garden and having a moment to check out at the vegetable beds, which will hopefully make you smile before tucking in to fresh coffee and home-made cake.

Be will introduce you to the day, give you a recipe folder and chat through the ingredients that you will be working with while you gear up for cooking!  There is no need to have any experience and age doesn't matter either (except being over 16yrs), but if you are already an accomplished cook you can certainly be stretched, just let us know.  There are always helpers on hand to support you through the day, not least to assist with a bit of washing up and keep your mugs topped up.

All the recipes will be clearly demonstrated before you get going yourselves and we always use generous quantities of the best quality ingredients: local grass-fed meat from Conisbees butchers and the freshest fish that I can find - usually straight from Billingsgate or direct from the sea.  For fresh herbs we just meander into the garden and pick what we need.  There will be nice breaks along the morning until you achieve the great goal of completing preparation for your feast.  The Prosecco, beer or wine will be opened and the kitchen will be transformed into a dining room for you to relax and enjoy a wonderful meal.

Meanwhile Be's team will pack up all the remaining food in a goodie bag for you to take home, with special extra ingredients where appropriate if they are tricky to find in the usual supermarkets.

There is no doubt that you will be pleased with your accomplishments and end the day replete, with a smile and your goody bag.  Last suggestion:  organise a taxi to get home!





Classic themed workshops:

  • Barbecue Feast
  • Creative Cake
  • Christmas
  • Fish for Beginners
  • Lobster & Champagne
  • Happy Healthy Family
Country themed workshops:

  • Creative Curries
  • Foodie France
  • Mexican Mayhem
  • Pasta Fiesta
  • Thai Tastes

  • Small groups with kitchen support
  • Top quality fresh ingredients
  • Beautiful kitchen to work in
  • No experience needed, any age over 16yrs
  • Many themes to choose from

  • Creative Curries
  • Foodie France
  • Mexican Mayhem
  • Pasta Fiesta
  • Thai Tastes

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Vineries House, Lower Road, Effingham, Leatherhead, Surrey KT24 5JP
Note: We are next door to The Vineries Garden Centre

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