Work 1:1 With Be Kassapian

Bespoke Nutrition-lead Cookery Workshops for adults in your own home!

What Can You Expect From a One:One In Your Kitchen?

My clients want to cook confidently in their own kitchen.

Typically, they want to learn how to cook fresh food well, using professional skills to save time. The whole day will be centred around exactly who you are, how you live, your family, your kitchen and your health.

I adore Aga’s and have lived with one most of my life, so if you’re nervous about how to get the best out of your – invite me over right now!

Do any of these things ring a bell with you?

My clients have been coming to me for many years for the following reasons:

- Professional cookery skills which will allow them to cook favourite recipes with ease.

- To learn professional chef skills that they can use to set up and run a business.

- How to use chef’s knives correctly and to sharpen the blades.

- How to cook on an Aga.

- Healthy recipes to suit your body and lifestyle.

- Specific diets that are tricky to manage, especially when faced with new and unusual ingredients that they are not familiar with.

- Paleo Keto cooking for health and longevity.

- Free From recipes (I am a gluten and dairy free specialist).

- Healthy happy family cooking.

"These are my most inspirational days - I love personalised workshops, they are so powerful and fun"


Hi Be,  

Thank you so much for coming over today and for the fantastic session this morning. I enjoyed it so much and learnt a huge amount.  

I can’t tell you how good the lasagne was! It was absolutely heavenly! The Mary Berry recipes will definitely be ditched in favour of your recipe. It was so helpful to learn how to make it properly especially frying off the mince. I think adding flour also helped the thickness and as you say another layer is where I was going wrong too. Your lasagne turned out very well and was far more solid than any of mine. Thank you for all the tips. I can’t wait to make it again. I know the children will enjoy it tonight.  

The Avoca beef smells incredible. I have taken it out and bagged it up for the freezer. I can’t wait to try that one. I love Avoca.  

Thank you very much for all the ideas for the next session on Tuesday 30th Jan.  18.1.23

My goal is to assess and enhance all these things so that you can live well, cook with joy and feel great!

Food for health

Come and kickstart your health in my kitchen!

Is your body letting you down?

Would you like to feel better, creak less and have more energy?

Have you got allergies and intolerances to food or are you living with a family who have multiple dietary challenges?

As a nutrition therapist, clients appear with the same concerns regularly.

Can you relate to these common comments that came from clients in the CNM clinics?

"I don't want to eat gluten, but I've no idea how to do this and I don't have time to cook. Gluten seems to be in everything."

"I don't want to eat dairy products, but I'm confused by the options and I haven't had success with my trials."

"I think I am addicted to sugar, I know it isn't good for me, but I cannot seem to stop eating it. How bad is it?"

"My daughter is a coeliac, my son is lactose intolerant, my husband is pre-diabetic, I have ghastly peri-menopausal symptoms (hot sweats, bloating, low energy) and I have no idea what to do - help!"

"I'm overweight, I can't sleep and I feel depressed. I am relying on ready meals even though I don't think this is best, but I don't like cooking and an stuck."

"I feel very stressed, I am so busy and I am worried that I might get cancer as it is in my family history".

Still Not sure? Why not ‘Book a Call’ for a free 15 minute chat?

I am thrilled to remove the pain from your daily cooking sessions to make them easier, more fun, medicinally therapeutic and delicious!

If you have visited a nutrition therapist or health specialist, you may have a list of ingredients that you can or can't eat and this is where I come in.

I specialise in Paleo-Keto diets to combat disease, along with gluten and dairy free recipes which support many individuals. I can provide skills and recipes to support all diets and circumstances in a delicious way.

Stress is a major cause of disease, so making your life simple at home by learning delicious, easy, recipes has to be good. I would love to help, feeling stressed about food is one thing that I can eliminate.

What to expect when you book:

More chatting….

  • I love to have a 30 minute Whatsapp or Facetime consultation so I can really get to know you and tailor-make your day.

  • Then I can put together a provisional plan, with recipes ideas which I will send to you for approval and tweaking.

  • After that I’ll complete your recipe pack, timeplan and ingredient list which you will receive about 2 weeks before I arrive in your kitchen.

  • You will just need to do the shopping!

"Thank you so much for all your help. It was truly been amazing and so insightful. I have learnt so much already. Best wishes"

Gill | 17 January 2024

On the day:

We usually start at about 10am and have a fabulous time cooking all day, at your pace, finishing around 4pm, or when you’ve had enough! We’ll take breaks as and when needed, but especially for you to enjoy the food that you cook.

I will bring a Be in the Kitchen Apron for you, along with my tool kit!

If you’d like to organise someone to come and wash up during the day, you are really welcome – this can mean we get through lots more recipes. You are welcome to add friends and family to the workshop, but just remember that while this can be huge fun (I’ve had many amazing family workshops!), it will dilute your personalised experience.

Also to note that family/group workshops will definitely require a pair of hands to wash up!

Cost: £750 per day / £395 per half day

How and when: Deposit of £250 payable when we confirm the date, with the balance due 2 months before your workshop.

Travel: I am based near Leatherhead in Surrey and I love to travel! We’ll just need to discuss the practical arrangements for me to get to you (including accommodation if needed). No charge for local clients, within 15 miles from KT24 5JP.

Got a question?

Why not ‘Book a Call’ for a free 15 minute chat?

"It was an excellent day which I really enjoyed. I will definitely be using the recipes and experimenting. Have a great festive break. Regards, Ben"

Ben Thornton | 22nd Dec, 2022

Why would I really want to spend a whole day with Be in the Kitchen?

There is no doubt that a 1:1 workshop with me is an expensive affair, but you should know that I put my heart and soul into providing the very best experience for you that you will remember forever. I have been teaching for over 30 years across a broad spectrum of adults young and old, students with autism, anxiety, dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD. 

I am a qualified nutrition therapist but most importantly, I love to teach people to cook and to make their kitchen journeys easier and more fun. I usually arrive with a bunch of herbs from my kitchen garden and am thrilled to help and encourage your kitchen gardening. My own kitchen has a full-size deep red Aga, a range cooker and ceramic hob and I am familiar with all types of ovens/hobs and cooking equipment in homes and commercial premises.

My store room is full of top-quality utensils and specialist equipment for every occasion and I can bring with me anything we shall need to enhance your day. You will feel safe and supported all day, and by the way, I am fully insured to teach you – though I hasten to add that in over 30 years, there has never been an incident of concern.

We shall pace the cooking according to your speed and my clients are always delighted with how much delicious food they have at the end of the day to store or freeze for future meals. When I am teaching I can often pick up on things that would make someone's cooking skills easier, for example if you are dyspraxic or have ADHD, we can work around things so that you go away feeling confident. 

I often use machines such as food processors and blenders which I feel are an essential part of a working kitchen, but if you don't have them, or have space we can discuss alternatives. Each event is entirely bespoke to your needs. Everyone is different and each of us is living a different life with scenarios. 

My clients love having the time to learn exactly what they wish to learn and while you may come for a day of healthy eating, if you wish to learn how to make a hot chocolate souffle to impress a loved one, then that is what we shall fit into the day's schedule! 

It's GOT to be fun and exciting too!

If you have any questions at all, please call or email me.

I can't wait to see you in your kitchen….. can I come soon?

"Thank you SO much for this and also for coming over today. It was very good of you to still come too with William being unwell. It was the most amazing morning!

I felt incredibly inspired and it was wonderful to learn from you. Thank you very much. I can’t believe how much I learnt this morning..... Thank you very much once again for such a fantastic session this morning. Best wishes, Gill"

Gill | 7th Dec, 2023


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